Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things that make me laugh

I don’t think I ever stopped laughing during fight club. It was my second time to watch fight club so i got all of the humor in it. The movie offers a non-stop satirical action and overzealous man comedy. The contrast between the two main characters is just unreal. I just think that this movie holds the formula to dirty masculine satirical humor. One of the funniest lines in the movie for me was when the Narrator said to Tyler "I wanted to destroy something beautiful." It was a gross moment but I think it was put there to show the idioticness of violence.

A movie that I have referenced once before that complete went over the top is Austin Powers. Austin Powers is clearly poking fun of Austin Powers but it is able to not go too outlandish. I loved fat bastard and mini-me. It is one of my generations best contributions to film I think. They kept making them and I think the humor kept up in all of them. You had to have watched bond films to understand the comedy.

I think an essential part of fight club is that you must watch it twice to get all of the comedy. This is very rare in movies. Other movies have other required movies you must watch to understand them like Austin Powers and the Bond films. The first one that really pops up in my head is the scary movie series. I was not a fan but their comedy was really based off of all the latest headline scary moves. The most iconic one of them must have been Scream or I know what You did Last Summer.

When I was around 13 my friends and I made a spoof of scream. I watched it just the other day and I couldn’t help but laugh. I guess this was just something of the time. They still try to make spoofs like the new Dance Movie. I think that most of the funny parts just get shown in the previews.