Monday, March 9, 2009

Texas (This is for all those that hate and don't Appreciate)

Texas is one of the most culturaly stereotyped places in America, and for a good duration of time this sterotype was considered cool. Childeren across America wanted nothing more than to be an American cowboy fighting outlaws in the west or to become a Texas Ranger. Texas is just one of those places that screams cool (unless you are one of those Texas haters that hates all Texans because of our outlandish love for the Great State of TEXAS!) lol The culture alone is a sterotype that I have experienced in many differnt films. The first is one of my all time favorite kids' movies.

Tall Tale's main ficticious charecter is Pecos Bill.He and this movie retell a folk tail that originated in Texas. He was supposedly raised by cyotes and could lasso a tornado. He was the leading moral charecter in the movie that motivated a protagonist to stand up for what was right. His charecter is wearing an over exaggerated hat and all the other fixins of a Texan. He frequenlty mentions Texas and all the things that have happend there. He promotes the steortypical culture of Texas. Pecos' portrayal is a coment on a the cultural cool of Texas.

Second is Dallas, a T.V. show from the late seventies through early ninties that is a great example of a Texas stereotype. The charecters all had an overly drawn out accent and exaggerated cowboy hats. This show was popular here in American but was more popular over in Asia. Texas became a place to go whenever you wanted to go to America. If you dont believe me, ask an international student which state is more known in over seas countries, Texas or Arkansas. The T.V. show was a great example of a stapel of cultural cool.

One of the more recent examples is Walker Texas Ranger. I lived in Dallas during all the years that Walker was on, and I only wish it was that interesting. The show made the town of Dallas seem a lot more exciting than it was. Chuck Norris will probably never be parted from Texas. They drew every little detail of Texas out: from the cowboy boots to the trucks that we all apparently drove. It is true that Texas Rangers have a standard issue horse, badge, boots and cowboy hat, but they don't always wear them. It amazes me that the show was so popular; I personaly loved it as a kid, but I can't stand to watch a single episode now (especialy the Chuck Norris sung intro).

The last cultural staple of Texas is the the Dallas Cowboys, yep the football team. Have you ever noticed all the attention that the team gets? When you think football, one of the top teams you will come to is the Cowboys. When you think Cowboys, you think Texas. The Dallas Cowboys have the most known cheer leaders (They even have their own TV show), emblems and names. When you come to Texas what do you expect to see? You expect to see Cowboys weither it be the Dallas Cowboys or men out wearing chaps.
Texas is one of the most publicised states in the nation. When people hear Texas, icons fly through their minds. That is because Texas has an overwelming cultural capital. They were once one of the most culturaly cool places in America, and that title alone grants it respect.



    I like your post, Zagurski, though I'm a bit biased, being a rootin' tootin' Texan, myself.

    Not only does Texas have all of the cool fixins that define the state in the eyes of the world, but it also is chock-full-o' culture and art.

    Did you know that Austin, Texas is one of the indie music capitals of the world?

    How about the fact that the the Texas State Fair is one of the most celebrated exhibitions of art, culture, music, not to mention good food, amusements and, of course, Big Tex?

    Then there's San Antonio, a city brimming with history; there's Dallas, a great place to go for shopping, entertainment and nightlife--

    I know you know all of this, my Texan compadre, but not everybody thinks of Texas as being such a hub of the cultural wheel of America. Most people stereotype Texans as being loud and obnoxious and ignorant, but it simply isn't so.

    I find that bias particularly prevalent in Arkansas. Could it be jealousy? Perhaps...

  2. I did not know that about Austin. Yes, I do think that many here in arkansas are just jealous. I mean who wouldnt be we were our own country!

  3. Can we really consider Chuck Norris as Walker really cool? Especially after the Chuck Norris Lever on Conan?

  4. Chuck Norris was very cool. He may not be so much any more. The man was known for his martial arts and Walker Texas Ranger was a very popular series. In all his films and tv series he is portraid as a very cool individual.

  5. I just want to point out that a large party of Texas exceptionalism is from Texas itself. It think its special, and wants everyone else to know it too. If it wasn't promoted by the people in the way it is, do you think Texas would be considered that different?