Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jim et Jules

Jules et Jim was one of the most visually appetizing movies for me that I have seen since Pride and Prejudice.
I was swept away with the continuous motion and the constant playing with angles. Watching a movie by this director is a wholesome delight. His is like a small child exploring all the ways to do something and then turning them into cohesive elements.

The film itself almost did not fit the storyline; the director was really doing two different things. That film was creative and should not always be the same thing. Those great shots are the moments captured by accident. I bet when Fran├žois Truffaut filmed them sprinting that he did not know it would become an icon of film.
He was showing us a movie about a favorite book of his. He promised that if he ever became a director that he would make the book into a film. I can truly understand why. The characters were each definite but yet intertwined by the others vices. Jules and Jim orbited Catherine. For her gravitational force alone was enough to keep them wanting. She never really pulled them in though she just kept the around.

By the end of the movie we saw that Catherine was a fickle person that never really loved Jules or Jim. Whenever she felt that she was not the center of attention she did something crazy. She would slap Jim, then she tried to shot Jim, and then by the end she killed him. Why? Why would Catherine go that far? Because all she really had was that attention. I have had the privilege of knowing someone like this. Their world rotated around themselves and the people around her were only there to pay homage to her. In the end it did drive her to her death. For what is left when the only thing left true loneliness strikes? Nothing and that is exactly how that person felt, nothing.

By the end of the film I was in Jules shoes ready to cry. My heart sank faster than the car could fall off the bridge. Threw the entire movie I could love and hate Catherine at the same time. When it was all over all that Jules had was his little girl. It was enough to make a man loose his mind. The music at the end was very unfitting I thought. I really loved this movie.


  1. You once knew a woman like Catherine? Wow, how did you not fall for her?

  2. I will be left forever changed by her. In one instance she could have the attention of whom ever she wanted but in the next she could tell them were to stick it. I knew her in a better light than most, in the end that illuminate to me what she was really like. I miss her