Saturday, February 14, 2009

My name is Bond, James Bond

My voice of cool is not a movie star, singer or animated character; the voice is my Pop’s. He is a man that has always appeared to me as a very cool person. I value his thoughts and opinions on almost all issues. His words gave me the support that I needed to become the person that I am today. Since there is no way that I can show him to you then I will relate him to the movie characters that he most resembles. My Pop is courageous, strong, and a leader. His life is one that is full of adventure, love, and achievement. He is known as a man of his word, and everyone who knows him has a great amount of respect for him.

My Pop is like Sean Connery in James Bond. His suave physique gives of an air of cool, no woman, armed man, or dagger hat could stop him. He is known unamomiously as an international man of mystery. My Pop guides me threw those tough situations where I just don’t know what to say. I have a push behind me to do some of the things that I'm afraid to do. I sometimes think he has a British accent too, but that is just because I am a fan of their accent. With him I have the support to go out and face the challenges that are troubling me. The best example that I can think of is when I was kayaking down the Buffalo River. I was the first one to make it to the bluffs and I hesiteated like any sane, rational person would when faced with a 35 foot drop. Pop stood there beside me saying “Go! Just don’t think; do!” So I did, but everyone else came to their senses and climbed back down. I was applauded by the girls passing by. I am not one to be fed lines because that would actually require thinking about what I said first ,and that is just not my style in conversation (it has gotten me into a lot of trouble).

I first discovered this voice when I went to Subiaco. I was alone, and I needed advice but was a little too proud to call. The voice became a constant help because I knew no one, and I had to have confidence. It paid off: I made Vice President of the Freshman class because I was very well liked by most. I also had an upper hand because my nervious habbit is to talk nonstop. Everyone there was new, and they liked having some one to talk to.

I still from time to time have those moments when I am scared and just need that reinforcement, so I have my vivid hallucination of Pop (Shawn Connery) standing there telling me just to go for it because I only live once.


  1. You found an interesting example to represent your pop. I'm glad you were able to not only find one, but two examples of the kind of person you think is cool and worth admiring.

    Be sure to read/spellcheck your posts.

  2. Ditto on the spellcheck/proofread. I know a certain girlfriend would be happy to give 'em a look. I really like this analysis -- it's quite a tribute to your dad, and very specific about what he means to you.