Thursday, February 19, 2009

Noir is not for me

Double Indemnity to me was transparent and boring. The element of film Noir such as the fem-fatal, the darkness of the characters and the darker lighting are not appealing to me. I can appreciate this in a historical context because it was revolutionary for people to fully acknowledge the darkness of society buy in today where people fully recognize the duality of man there is no luster.

The only type of cool in this movie was competence which was more fully demonstrated by the character Keyes. He is also cool because he transcended the norms of corrupt around him. He had the ability to see so bad and yet so good all at the same time. He is a little man that is to be admired

Walter to me is a man that is not satisfied with his place because he is much smarter but likes the fruit of his labor. He is able to see past the system for its cracks and sees his one chance to prove his intellectual superiority and to profit at the same time. He knew that Phyllis would betray him; he knew her plan and still went along with it. The temptation of surpassing those above him in intellect and money was a little too much. Keyes was blind to him because he was looking for another good man but his hope blinded him. It was poetic the last scene where keys lights the cigarette for Walter.

Phyllis now she was a dilly of a pickle. She was unattractive and not sexy to least bit. I don’t even think that Walter really loved her as much of the idea of taking the treasure of a rich man. Her character was the most transparent of them all. She is a Black Widow; she uses her mate until she has no use for them and then kills them. In the end I was happy to see her die; I would have done it earlier. I know he was waiting for the money but she got pretty annoying towards the end.


  1. Wow, was there nothing redeeming about this movie for you?

  2. After all your blog's title is so very noir.